Caishen’s Cash Slot Guide (2021)

Caishen’s Cash Slot Guide (2021)

Pragmatic Play has kept us busy this year, and the vacancies have stiffened. The quality of most materials is satisfactory, and some are extraordinary, but at the same time, we see organizations doing their best to jump out of the case, which usually creates a sense of tradition. Practical language produces a large number of the same slots as old Chinese in a certain way, shape or structure, which doesn’t help. We will have no chance of recovering from the last 5 Lions gold medals, this is the time. Luckily, the performance of “Cash of Fortune” is much better, and the atmosphere is better.

Caishen’s Cash slot  is derived from earlier versions of Pragmatic and is called Caishen’s Gold (yes, even the title becomes non-exclusive), which is a rather boring low-potential slot that really isn’t worth reviewing. The sequel uses 5 reels and 243 ways to win, and comes with 4 fixed jackpots, where you can win up to 1000 times the principal and 2 unique bonus games, including only noble symbols and Money Respin The composition of the free spin highlights includes the wins. You can play it on any device every time you spin, and it costs anywhere from 0.08 MYR to 400 MYR. You can also visit XE88 Best blogs for more views on online slot game reviews.

Caishen's Cash Slot


CaiShen’s Cash Slot Functions

CaiShen’s Cash slot comes with a set of 4 fixed jackpots, namely 25x, 50x, 100x and 1000x. In principle play, whenever a wild symbol appears on the reels, it can trigger a jackpot game at will. If this applies, you will be taken to another screen with a set of 12 gold coins-click on it to reveal the monopoly symbol. At this time if you coordinate the same 3 symbols, you will get a large margin accordingly.

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The money symbol is another important symbol in the game, we haven’t called it yet. Each currency symbol that appears on the reels comes with an irregular cash award, and if hit at least 6 times, they make the main bonus game. Here, you will see two options – play free spins highlights or Money Respin included.

Should you choose to enter Money Respin, it will take you to another set of 15-position turntables, where winning highlights will play out. All currency symbols and their values ​​that trigger this element will continue to a new set of coins. Starting with 6 spins, at least one of the included symbols can be hit:

Green currency symbols – make a complete estimate of all the standard currency symbols on the reels and add them to your total

Blue currency symbols – make an absolute estimate of all the green currency symbols and standard green currency symbols and add them to your total

1 or more re-spins – gives you additional re-spins

All currency symbols that are in unfilled positions will remain on the screen until the end of the bonus round. If you run out of players or all positions are filled with currency symbols, it’s over.


Conclusion of CaiShen’s Cash Slot

CaiShen’s Cash can’t provide anything we haven’t seen before, involving both its subject and function. Nonetheless, they are easy to install and the overall creative quality is high. While we’re not really fans of most of these games, we have to say that this is one of the better games we’ve played in a while. It has great potential, and at the same time, it’s not as bad as the usual money-making machines.

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If you want a lot of money, the Free Spins option is what you are looking for. If you need to operate more safely, again, the inclusion of Money Respin seems to be a more reliable decision, as unstable as free spins. As with all slot machines, achieving high-quality wins is no easy task, and there may be a long lag between the two bonuses, but when you arrive for the last time, you are usually waiting for the big payoff.

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